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3 New Features showcased on REL’s SURE-Test Systems

REL’s two recent shipments of SURE-Test systems showcased new features to enhance the flexibility of their high strain rate material test platform.SURE-Flat Wire Management adds the flexibility to be running multiple tests using various modules at the same time. Connection points for air, power, and sensors are available along the length of the system without long wires to tangle or fight with when moving between modules. Tensile SHPB and quasi-static test could be set up coincidentally and REL’s system mounted acquisition station can be slid into position and connected to easily accessible utility ports.

REL’s flexible acquisition station was upgraded with addition of an electronic shelf for mounting a litany of electronic components used for the capture, processing and reporting of testing events.

SHPB tensile testing involves the use of a grip setter to press grips into the material being tested. This grip settle module was reengineered in a cleaner package to mount anywhere on the SURE-Flat base.

“The additional system features added to our latest systems fit into our mission embarked upon with SURE-Test systems. We are constantly looking to improve the testing efficiency, convenience, and accuracy of dynamic material testing.” said Luke Luskin, SURE-Test program director.

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