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Metal Matrix Composites

Lightweight Brakes
The MMC replaces a monolith component with superior performance – typically lighter, longer lasting, and improved stiffness.

REL lightweight brake

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Diamond Blades
Concrete blades get hot, then they warp, and the operator needs to slow down or stop to let the blade cool. This takes time. Time is money.

Diamond Blades by REL

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Your MMC Product
REL’s in-house tool and die shop, ceramic processing cell, and low and high pressure casting presses make a variety of developments. Among these are engine components, light and stiff bearing sleeves, or parts under high wear.

MMC Product Development

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Bi-Metal Castings
Similar to the development of selectively-reinforced composite materials, REL is developing process techniques to manufacture lightweight structures with dissimilar metals.

Bi-Metal Castings by REL

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