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SURE-CutTM Diamond Blades

The #1 hurdle to a long lasting, fast cutting concrete diamond blade is heat. As the blade heats, the diamonds fall out; the blade glazes and then warps. The average blades are made of steel. Aluminum conducts heat from the cutting zone four times faster than steel. Add ceramic to the aluminum to make it a composite which is much stiffer and significantly increases the life of conventional blades over a wide range of aggregates. Metal Matrix Composites produce a lightweight material with tailored mechanical & thermal properties. The developed MMC diamond blade composition has a very high thermal conductivity which draws the heat from the cutting zone very quickly, thereby avoiding blade overheat issues, such as warping. Ceramic particulate and fibers were used as reinforcements in the aluminum MMC blades in addition to diamond particles embedded in the cutting segments. No game-changing technology for cutting concrete has been produced in the past 20 years. Optimizing the arrangement of diamond particles in the cutting segments has been the ‘new’ technology for current diamond blade cutting performance. These diamond arrangement techniques have been published to increase the life of blades by 10-30%.

REL SURE-Cut Diamond blade

Testimonial on Proof of Concept:

Florida contractor: “We typically see 2200 lineal feet max on a Soff-Cut blade. There are numerous blades on the market that are off -shoot Soff-Cut blades, but I have not seen one hold up like yours.”  He reached 7,302 lineal feet on that SURE-Cut™ Diamond Blade.

The blade was cast as one piece, utilizing a developed Functional Reinforced Gradient (FRG) technology to tailor material properties in the blade. The segments are a permanent part of the blade that is safe, secure, light, and cutting fast.

steel blade
Steel blades have welded or bonded segments
SURE-Cut diamond blade by REL
SURE-Cut™ Diamond Blade is cast as one-piece
REL is casting and testing a 14” blade. Soon to be ready for field trials. The longest, straightest cut wins.
Testing Sure Cut Diamond Blades
Upon the successful manufacture of the MMC Diamond Blade, REL began field testing. The field data was used to further optimize blade materials and design. Testing was needed to understand the exact magnitude of the performance enhancements achieved with this technology. Testing feedback was used to implement material, process, and design changed to optimize overall blade performance and life.

REL’s MMC diamond blade is shown in the figure after over 3000 linear inch-feet cut during in-house field-testing. Notable items in the illustration include the flatness of the blade, the even wear on the blade hub and most importantly the uniformly exposed and intact diamond abrasives. After 3000 linear inch-feet over 80% of the original diamond segment remained.

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