Cleanliness. Demanded.

Cleaning and surface preparation are critical steps in the quality control of precision parts for all part manufacturers, especially those providing parts to aerospace and outer space vehicles. At REL, our approach to designing, building, and installing automated precision Chemical Cleaning lines has been built on decades of experience solving complex technical challenges for our customers.

Our automated systems use a range of overhead conveyance methods and precision basket carriers to move multiple parts with complex geometries and varying weights carefully and smoothly through the stages of your specific cleaning process requirements. We excel in working with all stakeholders in the process including chemical suppliers, wastewater treatment suppliers, factory secondary/tertiary containment, backup power integration, and air quality requirements to keep your employees and everyone’s environment safe.  

Our automated Metal Etch and Chemical Processing Systems are run on our comprehensive Control Systems platform. Each automated line is controlled and monitored using an intuitive user interface that stores recipes that can be selected and applied to individual baskets. Random loading high throughput lines are our specialty. Coho Control, the breakthrough software Industry 4.0 component of our control system platform, provides rich real-time data enabling real-time database queries, rapid troubleshooting, in-depth analytics, and compliance reporting. Finally, control software that allows for user input, and utilizes artificial intelligence to guarantee quality!

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REL Engineered Solutions Metal Etch Automated Cleaning Lines

Features & Benefits

  • High throughput random loading
  • Web-based UI for maximum process visibility and safety
  • State-based recovery from industrial grade on-site server
  • Designed specially to integrate with Allen Bradley PLC’s
  • On-the-fly tank configurations
  • Real-time Automated Tank Filling with adjustable chemical concentrations
  • Infinite process recipe flexibility with the ability to move multi-directionally through processing
  • Dynamic Tank Control - Individual tanks can be ‘Blocked’ (from processing parts) or ‘Disabled’ (taken out of service) during processing

Automated Clean & Etch FPI Line

Automated Clean Line

Clean Etch Line