We provide premium automated non-destructive testing lines.

REL automated fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) equipment lines feature innovative process methods designed to increase our customer’s productivity and throughput within their facilities. We design, manufacture, and install automated NDT Processing lines that are designed to handle specific complex part geometry. We specialize in the application of penetrant electrostatically. Why not save 80% of the penetrant cost compared to dip processing. Utilizing process water more than once for pre-rinsing also saves effluent that must be discharged or treated. These techniques along with REL’s expertise in building fixtures minimizes Level III skepticism associated with safety-critical components that are automatically processed.  

REL’s systems are designed to allow for safe operator intervention throughout the process for verification and required process check-offs during the process. If the plant loses power, there is no panic in the NDT department, because REL equipment has STATE Based recovery akin to desktop computers. This recovery allows for the system to pick up processing right where it left off before the power outage. The system standard UPS will keep the industrial-grade server and the PLC under power for 24 hours to ensure no data is lost!

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REL Engineered Solutions Non-Destructive Testing Automated FPI Testing Penetrant

REL is the premium brand in the world marketplace for automated line FPI processing.

All systems are assembled at REL and the factory acceptance tests (FAT) are performed with the customer witnessing the tests to ensure the equipment performs satisfactorily to our customer's specifications. With decades of NDT  experience and a highly trained team, we’re able to install quickly and effectively to minimize your downtime upon installation of a REL system.

The only thing better than purchasing a REL Automated Non-Destructive Testing System is the service and support that comes with it after installation.

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