REL’s fully automated systems for advanced material handling are designed to solve your toughest material processing challenges.

The advantage of REL's Automated Material Handling Equipment is reliability and repeatability. We achieve this through designing modular systems of simple, highly controllable motion to achieve exact material manipulation. Servo-controlled motion is often the backbone of our advanced material handling equipment as the positioning control, reliability, repeatability, and robustness are unsurpassed in ensuring the equipment is in the correct position for incoming products. Many of our early model lines continue to remain in place after decades of service with individual lines processing over 10 million square feet of product per month with minimal planned maintenance.

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REL Engineered Solutions Advanced Material Handling Auto Lines


  • Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Personnel Safety
  • Able to communicate with plant networks
  • Intuitive UI typically broken into zones
  • Design Objective, EDGE/CORNER integrity
REL Engineered Solutions Advanced Material Handling Control Systems

Control Systems

Precision machine control, critical data analysis, and automated compliance solutions increase quality and productivity while keeping operators safe and your product intact.

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