REL’s bar end conditioner allows every user the option to regrind their SHPB bars ends as often as needed without ever removing them from the system.

In many cases this eliminates the need for bar insert protectors when testing hard materials. The bar end conditioner kit includes a grind module, a drive module, and a controller. The drive and grind elements mount on REL's precision aligned base frame on either end of a bar. The conditioner works for all incident, transmission, and striker bars.

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REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing Bar End Conditioner Servo


  • Synchronized rotation, servo-driven powerheads
  • Micro-adjustment screws for grind head alignment
  • Peel and stick sanding discs allow quick grit change or replacement
  • Abrasive discs are compatible with all bar materials
  • Simple on/off control with 3 user-selectable speeds
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