Bolt on Power

REL is recognized in the marketplace as being one of the most innovative OEM companies in the UV-A Lamp Space. REL, Inc. is introducing a cord that installs with a wrench so it can withstand 500 lbs. of pull strength! Not only is a bolted connection the most robust way to attach two components, it also makes it serviceable with simple hand tools and doesn’t require a skilled electrician to install. REL’s instructions on product use now include using the light cord as a tow strap! This is very necessary in climates like Upper Michigan where it snows a lot!! The UV-2007 10’ DC Power Cord will be replaced by the UV-2014 Power Cord for Magnum or UV-2015 Power Cord for Magnum-GO as the standard on purchases of Magnum Series lights after October 1st. UV-2014 and UV-2015 cords are able to be used on ALL existing Magnum Series LED UV-A inspection lamps in the field! This is another product enhancement from REL being REL! Please contact us for more information or to order your UV-2014 or UV-2015 today. 906-337-3018