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Braking with Style – New Brake Rotor Technology

New Brake Rotor Technology that defines YOU when you Stop

Matrix Brakes has continued developing their revolutionary lightweight metal matrix composite (MMC) brakes and soon will be delivering “Matrix Brakes Colors”. This development builds on the industry leading technology already present in Matrix Brakes. Conventional technologies boast ‘lightweight’, ‘long lasting’ or ‘warp resistant’; but the only truly lightweight brakes with a lifetime warranty are made in the Matrix Brakes facility in Calumet, Michigan.

Now, Matrix once again offers new technology to the braking industry with adding the choice of color into brake rotors. The unique blend of aluminum MMC composition allowed Matrix Brake’s engineers to develop a friction interface that not only looks great but also performs extremely well. Brake rotors composed of the standard cast iron or steel do not allow for the tailoring of the appearance of friction surface. FNC (Ferretic Nitro-Carburizing) technology used in the automotive industry is a surface treatment used to avoid rotor rusting but it is effective for a short period of time. Matrix Colors stay on the rotors indefinitely.

This new technology will be available first for the motorcycle market and will expand into products for the automotive markets.
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