The Camera Mount provides a shadow free lighting system that is integral to REL’s High Strain Rate Testing platform.

Built on precision stainless steel rollers, this module mounts and rolls on the chrome guide rails to wherever the testing action is. The REL Mounting Carriage fits all high-speed video and framing cameras and offers 6 inches of axial adjustment controlled by individual light and camera lead screws for ultra-precise focus adjustment.

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REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing Elements Camera Mount


  • Mounts are available for all high-speed video and ultra-high speed cameras
  • Power supply shelf allows for effective cable management
  • REL’s camera mount can adjust 6” axially—this motion is controlled on bearing slides with individual lead screws to adjust lighting and camera focal distances independently
  • Tilt feature allows for optimal frame centering
  • Precision stainless steel rollers allow for camera placement along the total system length
  • Interfaces with the REL Visible Spectrum LED Ring Light, WS1-K
REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing LED vs Ring

Visible Spectrum LED Lighting

Our Visible Spectrum lights are purpose-built for high-intensity, cost-effective, extreme frame rate scientific research cameras. 

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REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing Elements

Essential Building Blocks

Upgrade your REL High Strain Rate Testing system with our Elements family of modular, quickly configurable, high-tech and precision machined accessories.

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