Coho Capture

REL, Inc.'s New Paperless Process Control and Quality Management System for Manual Chemical Processing

REL’s new Coho Capture software can be integrated into any current manual and semi-automated chemical processing system.  REL’s PC based software can define and store treatment recipes that assist the operator in process treatments without the need for individual timers and process sheets.  This system also gives the operators immediate feedback in the event of a process infraction, maximizing throughput and repeatability with any chemical processing system.  All the data collected manually is stored on a user friendly PC based interface with querying and reporting capabilities, eliminating the need for paper logs.  Built into the system’s software are tabs for user defined preventative maintenance and predictive chemical change out data along with predetermined chemistry quality check intervals and system checks. If you and your team are looking to make the step into the age of paperless process control and quality management systems, look no further than REL’s Coho Capture software.
For more information on Coho Capture and other engineered solutions provided from REL, give us a call at 906-337-3018.