REL Coho Control is an industry 4.0, PC & PLC-based controls solution for automated non-destructive testing (Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection and Magnetic Particle Inspection), and metal etch chemical processing lines.

Coho Control uses predictive motion control that continuously optimizes your full system model to establish and adjust dynamic plans for optimizing throughput. The comprehensive feature set and intuitive user interface provide numerous capabilities including on-the-fly process customization, precision recipe control, physical line changes, and redundant safety checks. The industry-leading data management features provide you with intelligent insights, quality management, and compliance reporting tools which can be operated through HMI’s, tablets, phones, or desktop computers linked to a central server running on-premises or in the cloud.

Key Features: Control for multiple recipes in process simultaneously (i.e. Random Loading), ability to block and disable tanks in real-time, system carriers can be assigned a fallback recipe in real-time, recipe parameters, and configuration parameters control stations during processing. 

Why a fish? We named our control database in honor of the Coho Salmon, a popular game fish off the shores of Lake Superior where REL is headquartered. Just like fishing for Coho, advanced manufacturing is an unwieldy creature that requires years of experience to reliably control and capture.

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REL Engineered Solutions Control Systems Coho Control tablet

Coho Control Features

  • Increased throughput utilizing optimization without hardware changes
  • Process customization flexibility (add new recipes in minutes with login authority)
  • Real-time queryable database
  • Intuitive UI with optional cloud connectivity
  • UI can be updated easily without special software
  • Start-stop robustness due to line state memory (E-stop events and power loss recovery are seamless)
  • Able to process multiple recipes at maximum capacity
  • Accessible quality management with remote access
  • Unique user logins with customizable access restriction