Coho Process Control

What is Coho Control?

Coho Control is a real-time training and tracking control software. Coho Control is specifically designed for FPI, and surface treatments like cleaning, plating, and etching. Integral machine learning and process learning to increase efficiencies in traditional training intensive aforementioned processing is the backbone of Coho Control.

Definition of Automation?

‘Things are not getting less automated’ is a quote from a friend, Jay Isaacson. Gone are the days of the little calendars that used to be in shirt pockets. Important daily functions such as storing personnel information/notes, starting cars, turning on lights, sending cards, paying bills, etc. get stored into handheld automation devices. The devices learn shopping and buying trends, and compile a real time history of where the user has been for historical recall if necessary to remember or discover what happened and when. There is an increasing rate of dependence on data and automatic control of every-day things in our lives. This automatic data storage, control, and historical recall on handheld devices is what is called Human Automation. Automation has been an industrial trend for decades. Industrial automation began with relays that took signals from a switch and turned something ‘on’ or ‘off’. ‘Relay-Logic’ is binary (on-off control) and is the foundation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). This has grown over the past decades. There are now 1000’s of switches and devices that take inputs and/or give outputs that can be used for process control. This type of machine automation is called Mechanical/Electrical Automation and its function is to create processes that run automatically.  Mechanical/Electrical automation has been traditionally used on processes that follow set recipes. It works extremely well to add consistency to processing that must adhere to set Timing, Pressure, and Temperature specifications. ‘Set it and Forget it’ is the mantra of Mechanical/Electrical automated devices. Human Automation and Mechanical/Electrical Automation is REQUIRED in processing aerospace components. Real time database decision points from humans pertaining to Penetrant coverage, Rinse adequacy, and Dryness in FPI processing is paramount to ASTM E1417 specification adherence. Etch Rate affecting part thickness, Coating thicknesses, and part cleanliness are decision points during surface processes like plating and etching. Therefore, Human automation and Mechanical/Electrical automation must be integrated to have industrial success. This integration is the foundation of Coho Control. Coho control encompasses control over mechanical/electrical systems along with the data storage with historical recall with access by Handheld devices. Coho Control allows for machine control along with real time access of process data via handheld devices. The machine control can be Human Automation, processing of complex parts that REQUIRES human interaction at every step, this control is the essence of Coho Capture. The machine control can be via PLC for Mechanical/Electrical control. This is called Coho System control. REL_COHO_2020