The baseline for dynamic material property characterization.

The REL Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Compression System captures the material response to a sudden dynamic event. Years of engineering have perfected a 100+ year old technique to extract material properties from samples tested at various strain rates in a precisely certified system aligned to 0.001”/foot. The REL SHPB system imparts a known amount of energy into materials to allow testing in microseconds and the compression test can be configured to allow for single or multiple hit events using a matched momentum trap.

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REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing Compression


  • Captures sudden dynamic events
  • Repeatable tests at striker speeds exceeding 300 ft/sec and strain rates > 10000/sec
  • Keyed alignment of launcher, striker, incident bar, and transmission bar
  • Accessible striker and incident bar impact zone
  • System bars mounted in bird-mouth bar stands allow for efficient test setup changes
  • Bar sizes from 1/8" - 3" diameter to test multiple size samples
  • Moveable protective shield allows for alignment with specimen mounting
REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing LED vs PX Clay

Visible Spectrum LED Lighting

Our Visible Spectrum are purpose built for high intensity, cost effective, extreme frame rate scientific research cameras. 

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REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing Elements

Essential Building Blocks

Upgrade your REL High Strain Rate Testing system with our Elements family of modular, quickly configurable, high-tech, and precision machined accessories.

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