Control Systems

We live in an Electro/Mechanical world that is not getting less automated! We build and integrate controls on all of our mechanical equipment to improve the interaction between humans and the machines. This is accomplished by utilizing commercial off the shelf PLC’s and HMI touchscreens that have been the backbone of automation for decades. Our control approach depends on the type of equipment that needs control. We build control systems that log data, perform sequences and/or use AI in conjunction with machine learning algorithms to be able to supply a real solution that works for YOUR application. REL has employed control systems across all industries and guaranties that you will be satisfied. 

World Class Products.

Why it matters

REL Control Systems are the ultimate solution for intelligent, flexible, reliable, and reportable manufacturing control.

At REL we’ve been developing reliable control systems for over 20 years. What began as a better way to manage our automated parts lines and high-end materials research equipment has evolved into an industry leading suite of advanced software and hardware solutions that make use of and go far beyond the capabilities of standard issue PLCs.

All REL Control Systems provide the ultimate in manufacturing process flexibility by providing clear insights into your data and the ability to make precision adjustments on the fly while protecting for operator safety and minimum downtime. The intuitive interface and feature rich toolset can be applied to modern automated or manual control enabled equipment from any manufacturer while streamlining industry standard compliance reporting.  

REL Engineered Solutions Control Systems Coho Control

COHO Control

Robust, intelligent, reliable control for automated FPI, MPI, and Metal Etch chemical processing lines.


REL Engineered Solutions Control Systems Coho Capture


Paperless process management and quality control for manual chemical processing.