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Automated Material Handling Systems

intelligent REL Custom Equipment

REL Designs and builds Electro-mechanical automation equipment to our customer’s exacting specifications. REL custom equipment is used in existing material handling systems to increase run-time efficiency as stand-alone controlled modules. These modules have been designed and built into complete material handling systems that convey materials between iREL equipment and other plant processes. These stand-alone modules or complete systems are controlled by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), allowing the customer complete control of their iREL equipment from anywhere they specify.

REL has installed standalone modules and has replaced entire sections of plants. The robust nature of REL’s intelligent equipment allows the flexibility to be dropped into place in an existing line and communicate with other plant equipment and overview systems. This allows for the seamless transition of product between legacy equipment and new REL equipment. With over 30 years in the marketplace solving bottle necks in automated material handling systems, we can help solve your system’s challenges.

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REL’s Equipment advantage is built on reliability and repeatability. We achieve this through designing in building blocks of simple, highly controllable motion to achieve exact material manipulation. Servo-controlled motion is often the backbone of REL’s equipment as the positioning control, the reliability, the repeatability, and the robustness is unsurpassed, to insure the equipment is in the correct position for incoming product.

REL’s equipment has been in plants for over 10 years processing over 10 million feet of product per month with minimal maintenance. Contact us today to learn more.

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