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REL designs and manufactures material handling equipment including Flippers that flip products from one face to another. REL’s Flipper is produced in different sizes and lengths. The servo driven motion profile allows for a rapid flip with a soft landing. This equipment has been designed to handle a large product size range. The Flipper can be used upstream on large material sheets or downstream for putting products face to face with smaller finished dimensions. If the job demands grabbing and turning over, the job demands a REL Flipper! Call for a quote today. 906-337-3018

REL iREL Flipper
REL iREL Flipper

Panel Flipper

The REL Panel Flipper takes large panels and gently flips them from one face to the other. This gentle turning over process is servo-controlled and is adaptable to many different product sizes and materials. The flipping process begins once the panel is conveyed into position and stops with its leading edge in the middle of the two arm arrays. The panel is then accelerated up into flipping motion along the leading edge and gently passed between the sets of arms. The receiving arms then slowly low the product onto the exit convey section.

REL iREL Flipper Accumulator
REL iREL Flipper Accumulator

Face-2-Face Flipper

The REL Face-2-Face Flipper can be place into a product stream to flip every other panel into face to face pairs. The flipping wheel motion starts once there are two panels queued together. The front panel’s leading edge is lifted off of the conveyor with the flipper arm fingers and the second panel’s leading edge pushes the first panel in its flipping motion. Upon becoming perpendicular, the flipper arm disengages with the leading edge of the first panel and the conveyor motion of the second panel completes the flip.

REL iREL Servo-Flipper
RREL iREL Servo Flipper

PLC Controls & Custom Control Panels

All of our REL material handling equipment includes a control system that integrates into your current control scheme. Whether the plant has a central DCS or the equipment needs to be controlled locally, REL has a control solution for the application. Based off the type of control systems in place, we design a system to fit your needs. PLC controls and monitors each module within an REL equipment system. The integrated touch HMI terminal allows for an entire system to be controlled by a single person.

All of our systems or modules are built in our facilities in the United States. Once a system is built and tested in-house we tear down and ship to your location. Once the system arrives at your location, our team will install, test, and train operators and team members on how to use and maintain the equipment.

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