Pallet Feeder with PLC Integration | REL Inc.

Pallet Control = Product Control

View pictures of our pallet feeder in process in a customer’s facilities. Our pallet feeder has the following capabilities:

  • Robust design handles large sizes and various pallet thicknesses
  • Servo-controlled for reliable stack positioning
  • Integrated PLC for safe, simple operator control
REL Pallet Feeder Overview
Heavy Duty, Servo Index Single Pallet Feeder, Large Size Ranges and Thicknesses
REL Pallet Feeder Front View
Front View of Pallet Feeder
REL Pallet Feeder Carriage
Servo Controlled Shuttlefork Carriage for Pallet Stack Suspension
REL Pallet Feeder Top View
Top View of Guarded Pallet Feeder
REL Pallet Feeder Positioned Pallets
Pallets in position to begin feeding
REL Pallet Feeder PLC Controls
PLC integrated Electric Control
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