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Power Curve

REL’s Power Curve is a line module that allows for efficient direction change of a processing line. This 90 degree power curve has been designed to operate without the use of edge guides. The use of the modules in plants has allowed customers to minimize edge trimming in downstream processing because corner damage on product doesn’t exist with the Power Curve direction changing conveying equipment.

REL's Power Curve

PLC Controls & Custom Control Panels

Our iREL equipment is provided with control systems that integrate into the customers control scheme. Whether the plant has a central DCS or the equipment needs to be controlled locally, REL has a control solution for the application. REL’s control engineers design a control system to fit the needs of your systems. A PLC controls and monitors each module or station within an iREL equipment system. The integrated touch HMI terminal allows for an entire system to be controlled by a single person.

REL also performs panel assembly, testing, complete system documentation and installation. UL Listing of complete panels is also available.

REL tests the system’s functionality in-house before tear down and shipment to your location. This allows for a faster setup time at the customer facility, and allows for more valuable training time for operators and maintenance personnel.

All of our designs are: Reliable, Exact and Logical.

Reliable: Our equipment is reliable, robust and proven track record of longevity.
Exact: Our equipment is designed to your exact specifications today, but is “Exactly Modifiable” for the changes of tomorrow.
Logical: Our controls are designed to allow flexibility for additional inputs, outputs and add-on features that aren’t captured in the initial build out of your system.

iREL Custom Equipment
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