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Tipple Conveyors

Engineers at REL understand that its customers need solutions for different routes of product flow. The Tipple conveyor from the iREL line of equipment is a great addition to your material handling system as it allows the product stream to be diverted to separate elevations of conveyance to meet a certain product flow through a plant.

Tipple Conveyor

The Tipple conveyor from REL allows the customer to interrupt a production stream and divert it into a different process. This diversion can be to; scrap a bad batch of a product; a completely different product process; or to accumulate somewhere else unto a maintenance issue is addressed. It makes no difference to REL where your is products headed, we want to help you get it there with the Tipple.

REL iREL Tipple Conveyor

High Speed Tipple Conveyor

REL developed the High-Speed Tipple to allow a customer to break up a production stream to send every other board at different elevations to processes downstream. This module works with the iREL Overpass Transfer module and the Corner Transfer modules to put the products back together into one stream once the separate process paths need to be merged back together.

REL iREL Tipple Conveyor

PLC Controls & Custom Control Panels

All of our iREL equipment comes with PLC controls and control panels that can be stand alone systems or integrated into your existing systems. Our control panels can be UL listed.

Design, Build, Test and Installation

If you move ahead with a system or module from REL, Inc we will work with you to ensure everything from the design to the installation. Our team builds the equipment and tests operations in house before we ship to your location. Once we install the system in your facilities and integrate the PLC controls, we provide training to make sure your team can operate the system and work out any glitches before we leave.

All of our designs are: Reliable, Exact and Logical.

Reliable: Our equipment is reliable, robust and proven track record of longevity.
Exact: Our equipment is designed to your exact specifications today, but is “Exactly Modifiable” for the changes of tomorrow.
Logical: Our controls are designed to allow flexibility for additional inputs, outputs and add-on features that aren’t captured in the initial build out of your system.

To learn more about our tipple conveyors and other equipment we have developed for material handling systems, contact us today at 906-337-3018 or fill out a contact form.

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