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FPI Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is electrostatic spraying of penetrant worth the additional investment versus using a penetrant dip tank?


This depends on throughput of the system (which dictates penetrant usage). As a general rule, you will save at least 85% on your penetrant usage. Our more recent systems have produced a savings of 89% and 92%. In the most recent large (basket size of 4.5’x6.5’x3.5’H) system that we installed, penetrant (Level 3, post-emulsifiable appx $2800 per barrel) usage went from two barrels per month to one barrel every six months. The penetrant savings is in excess of sixty thousand per year. It was an eighty thousand dollar upgrade to go to electrostatic spray in lieu of dip application of penetrant making the payoff in a period of just less than one and a half years. The other advantage is in wastewater treatment. The level of penetrant in the customer’s waste stream is low enough to go into the sanitary waste, eliminating the need for a costly filtration system. This is not something that we can guarantee, however, as local regulations differ.


For the FPI of non-conductive articles (where electrostatic spray loses its advantage), is there a dip tank option available?


Yes, dip is available

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