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Precision Machining

Delivering Difficult Parts, On Time

REL’s efficient production and delivery of difficult parts gives REL a strong precision machining client base. REL understands and upholds to the needs for certifications throughout the process, from steel mill forging, machining, heat treat, passivation, through the entire logistics chain.

These are not general machined parts. Many are designed for the aerospace and defense markets with demanding requirements and short delivery deadlines. REL is capable but not limited to machining materials such as titanium alloys, high strength stainless and hardened steel alloys and aluminum metal matrix composites.

REL is ISO9000-2008 certified and uses FARO EDGE™ technology as part of an extensive quality system to measure the parts to ensure only the highest quality components are delivered to the customer.

Precision Machining of Parts
PolyWorx® GD&T Plot
PolyWorx® GD&T Plot

Cost Effective Methods

The customer’s CAD file is used to program the CNC machining, and is used to compare to the final machined part. This process is critical to ensure accuracy to the component requirement.

In addition to challenging aerospace parts, REL has developed cost effective methods to manufacture ballistic projectiles as shown in the slider above. REL produces projectiles in aluminum, titanium, steel, and tungsten.

In the development of Advanced Materials, REL has developed cost effective methods to machine hardened steels, titanium, magnesium, ceramics and metal matrix composites. In most cases, the finished product requires finishing, cutting, turning, milling, grinding and polishing.

REL’s Machining Abilities

REL can machine prototype components from a billet as shown here:

Or using its casting equipment, REL can develop custom prototypes such as an aluminum casting that incorporates a steel insert. The final part can be heat treated and machined complete.

REL is ISO certified and ITAR compliant, and is best suited for low to mid volume machining volumes, and can manage heat treat, coatings, assembly and all of the required documentation.

Machined Prototype Components
Machined Prototype Components
REL is working on AS9100 certification. This attribute combined with our metallurgical and machining knowledge will enable REL to serve new customers.
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