The DAQ captures and combines test information from strain gages, signal amplifiers, oscilloscopes, camera/lighting triggers, imagery and speed sensors.

This DAQ can capture up to 8 channels of data at 80 million points per second. This information captures the dynamic event and is processed in SURE-Pulse Software to give valuable insight into material response subjected to high-rate loading. Fast, easy-to-use setup for multiple dynamic events works seamlessly together or can be configured for standalone use.

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REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing DAQ 1000


  • Desktop or laptop computer
  • Strain gauge signal conditioners (up to 8 channels)
  • Multi-channel digital PC oscilloscope
  • Strain gauges, signal cables, and connectors
  • Strain gauge and Flat Base tool kits
  • Locking work-station cabinet
  • Conveniently mounts to Flat Base accessory rail to move between test locations
REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing LED vs PX Clay

Visible Spectrum LED Lighting

Our Visible Spectrum lights are purpose-built for high-intensity, cost-effective, extreme frame rate scientific research cameras. 

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REL Engineered Solutions High Strain Rate Testing Elements

Essential Building Blocks

Upgrade your REL High Strain Rate Testing system with our Elements family of modular, quickly configurable, high-tech and precision machined accessories.

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