High Speed Camera for High Strain Rate Testing

REL, Inc. has expanded its capabilities in the high strain rate lab by a combining their Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) system with a Kirana Ultra High-Speed camera, capable of 5 million frames per second. The newest acquisition was purchased from Specialised Imaging, Inc. in Temecula, California: (website) and is one of four commercially owned cameras in the USA. This camera has the high frame rate capability realized by this cutting edge technology yet maintains the ability to create high-resolution images of the ultra high-speed event. Kirana has the ability to capture eleven consecutive events at a recurrent rate of 250 ms per event. While taking up to 5,000,000 frames per second, and shuttering every 100 nano-seconds, there is no compromise. The data is exported in 180 frames so each test can be easily saved and viewed. See a high strain rate tension test of a polymer sample: https://www.relinc.com/testing/high-strain-rate-testing/ The initial applications for the high speed camera are intended for high strain rate material testing, yet there will be other testlabapplications including ballistic testing and material analysis. The deformation and the failure patterns of materials, adhesives, and joined materials, can be observed and recorded in tests that last less than 100 micro seconds or 1/10,000 of a second. REL has integrated the high-speed camera with 2-D imaging software, which displays the strain of material as it happens real-time. “This high speed camera will become a huge asset to our company and to our customers as this allows for the visual extraction of material behavior during crash, blast or ballistic-type events,” said Josh Loukus, President of REL, Inc. “Materials designers and product engineers can now develop and model system behavior with high confidence of how the materials will behave under extreme loading conditions. We have had several customers ask us to incorporate this imaging into the testing protocol of their samples.” In addition to a visual response from the test, REL’s SURE-PulseTM data acquisition system provides an instantaneous strain curve, allowing its customers to spend their time on material science, not on data acquisition. For more information on the full capabilities of REL’s SHPB lab, refer to the SHPB page Call us today to schedule in-house compression, tension, or torsion testing of your materials.