REL human-driven FPI lines were built on our reputation as the premium automated systems provider for the non-destructive testing industry.

REL human-driven fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) non-destructive testing lines are field-tested modular systems built to rigorous specifications for the American Warfighter and can be found in some of the harshest environments on the planet. The core of these systems is an engineered focus on robustness and precision. Increasing facility throughput through ergonomic considerations, reducing physical footprints by station packaging, and ensuring reliability while maximizing operator safety are design constraints that are observed on all REL projects.

Each human-driven line features single-point electrical and fluid lockouts on each station, certifiable gages mounted on quick disconnect fittings, and integrations for overhead cranes or corrosion-resistant manual rollers to perform all processing to ASTM E1417 requirements or other processing specifications.  

Each system also features our REL LED UV-A lamps that we custom-developed for the non-destructive testing industry. We searched the globe for the best non-destructive testing lamp, we found it in our own shop’s LED Lamp Division!

Each rinse and inspection booth includes LED UV-A inspection lamps that meet both Airbus and Boeing background UV-A requirements of 300 microwatts per cm2. Background visible lighting is limited to 2 foot candles with the use of surrounds in the rinse station and inspection station.

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REL Engineered Solutions Non-Destructive Testing Human Drive Lines MLF250

The REL FPI Model MLF250 is the toughest, most space efficient, and most MIL Tested FPI system on the planet. This system is the new Legacy System for the US Navy.

The human-driven MLF250 fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) line is a modular system precisely engineered for rigorous military requirements with the highest space efficiency commercially available.

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REL Engineered Solutions Non-Destructive Testing Human Drive Lines Model 12C

The REL FPI Model I2C line was developed for the US Air Force. This line has redefined human-driven FPI processes.

The I2C FPI equipment comes in 3 sizes and is commercially available to private industry. This system includes ALL components to start FPI testing upon installation.

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