REL's Inspection Solution

REL's Inspection Solution was designed and manufactured in-house to meet the needs of our customers.  Our customers came to us to find a solution where all their inspection lamps they need could be readily accessable in one designated area. 

See below what is included in our Inspection Solution (UV-9100). Available now for $13,220.00. If you are at ASNT 2023 in Houston, stop by booth 735. 


Inspection Solution includes:

Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Lamps:

  • UV-4000TB Profusion Triple Bank
    • Including UV-4200 Switch Block
      *White Light Profusion (UV-4000 Casper) available
  • UV-3000 C4 Magnum-GO
  • UV-2100 Liquid Magnum
  • Accessories:
    • UV-1100 Lamp Mounting Arm
    • UV-4010 Swivel Mount Lamp Holder

Inspection Table:

  • UPLIFT DESK Commercial Frame
    • Advanced Comfort Flush Keypad
    • Wireless Foot Switch
    • Wire Management Tray
  • Power Strip
  • Tabletop & Shelf
  • Profusion Hanging Bar


  • Turntable
Certifications & Compliances
Tested and Complies with ASTM E3022 Standard
2 Year Warranty Guarantee