Large Part Envelope Automated FPI System Delivered

REL supplies electric vehicle part manufacturer with a large automated Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System.

REL, Inc. designed and manufactured a fully automated FPI System for a new building installation. The system is sized for an 80” x 48” x 60” part envelope. REL is recognized as an industry leader in the FPI processing automation of automotive components.

Like them or love them Electric Vehicles are growing to be a significant portion of the world transportation fleet.  Accompanying the paradigm shift in the onboard energy reservoir is the ever-growing safety consciousness of the transportation industry.  Non-Destructive Testing techniques, especially Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI), are being deployed by lightweight vehicle component manufacturers to maximize occupant safety.  To that end, REL has partnered with a Michigan casting company to provide an automated FPI solution to verify the integrity of their Electric Vehicle suspension components with the largest automated FPI system ever produced in Calumet, Michigan.

Designed. Engineered. Manufactured. Installed. Supported.  The only thing better than purchasing a REL Automated Non-Destructive Testing System is the service and support that comes with it after the installation.

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