Process and Quality Control with Streamlined Paperless Compliance Reporting for Manual Chemical Processing Lines

LOCKTIMETM is an integrated process control and quality management system designed specifically for manually operated chemical processing lines. The combined hardware and software solution allows for total visibility on process control, part quality, and predictive maintenance while streamlining compliance reporting. LOCKTIMETM has been designed to sit atop your existing hardware and software control systems and can be quickly installed by your onsite staff. 

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  • Define and store treatment recipe
  • Guide operators that eliminate individual timers and process sheets
  • Provide immediate feedback to operators in the event of a process infraction 
  • Document which parts completed which processes, and process duration
  • Store, query, export, and print part quality data 
  • Provide your engineering team with tools for preventative maintenance and predictive chemical change outs
  • Define and store process, equipment, and chemistry quality checks 
  • Technology roadmap including features like “Read Only” sensory capability