REL_LOCKTIME_Industry 4.0 control solution


LOCKTIMETM is REL's new Process Control and Quality Management System for Manual Chemical Processing Lines.  LOCKTIMETM retires the pencils, papers, and egg timers your operators are currently using, and replaces them with iPads, state-of-the-art scanners, and the best in monitoring and reporting software for your human driven lines.  This technology provides for better training of new operators, accurate monitoring of parts and baskets as they move through your line, assists with bidding of jobs and planning for throughputs and time management, and it will strengthen reporting for ISO and NADCAP audits.  Multiple recipes, processes, and variables can be implemented and considered when using LOCKTIMETM .

If you and your team are looking to make the step into the age of paperless process control and quality management systems, contact us to learn more about LOCKTIME.