REL adds Low Pressure Casting Press

REL has just completed the installation of a new aluminum low pressure casting press. This will expand REL’s capabilities in advanced casting techniques. The casting cell will initially be used for the casting of REL developed high pressure internally structured natural gas tanks, and will also play a key role in the demonstration of our TRABO™ Spray. REL has squeeze casting, high-pressure die-casting, and now this new low-pressure casting capability. "As a technology development company, this improves our offering to companies looking to develop new, lightweight advanced castings," said Adam Loukus, Vice President of REL. "We have spent the last several years in the development of enabling casting technologies, such as our TRABO™ coatings and Field Assisted Manufacturing techniques. We have developed these technologies internally and with our government research partners which allows for the development of some pretty advanced castings for military, commercial, and automotive applications. Having the capabilities and a wide knowledge base in multiple casting and processing techniques is crucial so we can look at product development while being technology agnostic." Partners interested in casting development with high strength aluminum and magnesium alloys and MMCs should contact REL for more information.