REL Material Flipper: Controlling against the local gravitational pull

REL’s Material Flipper is designed to handle a large range of product sizes and weights. A servo-driven motion profile allows for rapid flips with soft landings. Pitch and catch, single or double sheet flippers, vacuum assist servo face to face flipping can be configured for upstream handling of large material sheets or downstream handling of products with smaller dimensions in a face-to-face orientation. If the job demands turning a product over for a secondary process, the job demands an REL Material Flipper.

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REL Engineered Solutions Advanced Material Handling Flipper


  • Servo Speed cycle times (down to fractions of a second)
  • Newton’s second law drives the design
  • Large size range
  • Control can be remote or on-board
REL Engineered Solutions Advanced Material Handling Control Systems

Control Systems

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