New SURE-Pulse Software Release

High Strain Rate Testing Software

REL is excited to release another free new version of its high strain rate testing software SURE-Pulse to the high strain rate testing community.We encourage you to download and install the latest version found at https://www.relinc.com/software/. Features included in this release include
  • Improved in SURE-Pulse filtering
  • Video output from Image correlation follows sample deformation
  • A citation section to ease citing of the software
  • Tutorial section including links to training videos
  • Usability and bug fixes throughout the software
Data filtering:REL’s method is too avoid the use of filters unless absolutely necessary, and if used they are used only in post-processing of results, not during testing. That being stated, there are times when high frequency noise is present in the final graphs and could be eliminated. These SURE-pulse filters have been improved as to not lose pertinent material information while applying a filter. The new filtering method uses a triangular window, with much better performance than the previous filter, which was prone to ringing artifacts.
DIC Updates:The video output while performing Digital Image Correlation (DIC) now defaults to Eulerian strain, which produces a strain map that follows the sample as it deforms.
REL is a world leader in high strain rate testing equipment, and its SURE-Pulse software package is a widely used analysis tool in the high strain rate testing community. SURE-Pulse helps maintains REL’s leadership in the high strain rate testing world, by providing an open source, user-friendly analysis software. SURE-Pulse had a few usability bugs and unmet feature requests that needed to be fixed after 16 months of low maintenance levels. In-house testing also requires a robust test processing software to quickly produce results that clearly communicate to customers. A robust, open source, and feature rich software testing suite positions REL to be the market leader in high strain rate testing for the next generation of lightweight material development.The SURE-Pulse software remains open source, and we invite you to give feedback to constantly improve this platform for the benefit of all in this area. REL SURE-Test Systems In addition to the developed Sure-Pulse software, REL’s SURE-Test platform is designed to be flexible to handle a variety of dynamic loading conditions and each of the modules available (https://www.relinc.com/sure-test-systems/) integrate seamlessly onto this platform. Some of the tests are listed below:
  1. Compression and Tension SHPB tests
  2. Direct Impact tests and Chambers
  3. Momentum transfer tests.
  4. Servo mechanical testing (low to mid strain rates)
  5. Dynamic 3-point bend test
  6. Dynamic Pipe Burst test
  7. Acceleration sled testing (over 50000 g's)
Please contact us for more information regarding your dynamic material testing needs.