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Happy Memorial Day!
REL's Glo-Black C4 Magnum-GO corded LED UV-A Lamp integrates both UV-A and white light emitters for critical versatility in darker inspection environments.
REL supplies electric vehicle part manufacturer with a large automated Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System.
REL’s Glo-Black Profusion overhead LED UV-A inspection lamps are an expandable and configurable modular system for stationary non-destructive testing applications.
REL’s FPI System Model MLF 250 is the toughest, most space efficient, and most conformable FPI system on planet Earth.
REL’s Glo-Black C4 Magnum corded inspection lamps utilize the latest high output UV-A LED technology for non-destructive testing environments.
The Laser Alignment Tool verifies the flatness and straightness of your EXACT test setup on the REL High Strain Rate Testing System.
REL, Inc. has developed a range of power supplies to accommodate our Visible Spectrum LED Lighting.
FPI Mobile Testing Nomad Kit. The only complete mobile testing kit on the planet for Type 1, Method C, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection anywhere, anytime.
REL's automated bar accelerator offers shot-to-shot consistency with an integrated SURE-Speed sensor.
REL’s Glo-Black C4 Nomad-GO LED UV-A Lamp plus white light is designed for all intensity requirements of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI).
Visit us in Booth #202 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California for TMS 2023.
REL’s PS4 power supply is a capacitive burst, flicker free, power supply for up to four WS3 LED light modules.
REL’s Flat Base is a smart, sturdy, purpose-built platform for all REL High Strain Rate Testing Systems.
REL designed, manufactured, and delivered a fully automated and plant integrated Clean FPI System.
REL is exhibiting at the PNAA Advance Conference, February 7th – 9th.
REL chem process line
REL designed, manufactured, and delivered a high aspect ratio Clean Etch System.
REL Exhibiting at NDTMA 2023
REL, Inc. will be exhibiting at the NDTMA Annual Conference in the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 7-9, 2023. Stop by and visit us at Table 14.
REL’s Nomad cordless LED UV-A inspection lamps are powered by Milwaukee.