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REL Exhibiting at NDTMA 2023
REL, Inc. will be exhibiting at the NDTMA Annual Conference in the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 7-9, 2023. Stop by and visit us at Table 14.
REL’s Nomad cordless LED UV-A inspection lamps are powered by Milwaukee.
REL's WS4-K LED: A Tribute to Power in Small Packages!
Stop a Speeding Bullet with the Brightest LEDs - Made in the USA!
REL_High Strain Rate Testing
The correct tool for the job.
REL utilizes Additive Manufacturing Technology to provide a next generation lens holder solution in Glo-Black LED UV-A products.
Happy Holidays!
The average blink of an eye takes 100 milliseconds. A bullet at 1000 feet per second will travel 100 feet in ‘the blink of an eye’.
REL has developed the flicker free WS2-K4 adjustable focal length lighting system.
REL Industries Government Gallery
REL exhibiting at DOD DMLE - December 12-14.
REL Bolt on Power for Magnum-GO
Bolt on Power Cords can be installed on ALL existing Magnum and Magnum-GO LED UV-A inspection lamps in the field!
REL Serpentine Bar Technology
REL’s serpentine striker technology uses a patented design consisting of a series of layered concentric tubes that multiply the striker pulse length by the number of layers.
REL’s WS3 light module is the core of REL’s Visible Spectrum LED Lighting Solutions.
QNDE is REL's Glo-Black LED UV-A Lamp Distributor of the Year for 2022.
REL_HSRT Bar End Conditioner
REL’s Bar End Conditioner allows every user the option to regrind their Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) System’s bar ends as often as needed without ever removing them from the system.
REL 2 year warranty installing a Bolt on Power cord
Are you looking for a LED UV-A inspection Lamp that can be driven over by a 16,500 lb forklift and still perform? Do you need an Inspection Lamp which can literally take a bullet and continue to operate within your rigorous specifications?
REL’s WS2-K was built for capturing energetic events, at millions of frames per second, from 2ft to 100ft working distances.
REL Nomad-Ascent
Meet REL’s new Nomad-Ascent! It is the highest power density lamp in the LED UV-A inspection market.
Visit Josh, Roy, David, Ben, and Kurt in Booth 1324 at the ASNT Annual Conference and see two of our newest solutions: LOCKTIME™ and the Nomad-Ascent.
The PS6 is a continuous duty, flicker free, 54 VDC, 960 Watt power supply that can support up to four REL WS4 LED light modules.