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Press Release - January 11, 2022
Stop a Speeding Bullet with the Brightest LEDs – Made in the USA!
REL, Inc. manufactures high intensity visible spectrum LED lighting solutions. Non-Flickering Lighting intensity is of paramount importance for high speed imaging. Ultra high spectral intensity from LED lights is a REL specialty. We deliver a product in a compact and robust chassis to allow for seamless integration in all imaging environments. Engineered robustness by employing […]

Press Release - December 13, 2021
Lights, Camera, Action with REL’s Universal Tripod Mount System
REL’s Universal Tripod Mount System (UTM-1800) is comprised of a heavy duty gear head paired with a high capacity tripod for supporting heavy weight and high value loads. It’s ideal for applications that require precise positioning of expensive camera and lighting systems when typical commercial tripod kits won’t do. The robust gearhead design controls pan […]

Press Release - November 11, 2021
REL Exhibiting and Presenting at ASNT 2021 – November 15-18
REL, Inc. is an Original Equipment Manufacturer located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We pride ourselves at being our customer’s ‘Last Chance’ to achieve the best product solution. All of our products, ranging from UV-A Lamps to Fully automated FPI and Metal Etching Systems were developed for our customer’s needs. Make the last chance your solution! […]

Press Release - October 26, 2021
REL showcasing control products at SUR/FIN 2021 – November 2-4 in Detroit, Michigan
REL, Inc. is showcasing our control products at SUR/FIN on November 2nd – 4th. Minimize paper data and training time at your organization, and have an infinite database of processing data when you integrate Coho Capture for your human powered process or Coho Control to go over the top of your PLC powered automated equipment. […]

Press Release - October 14, 2021
REL, Inc. is Exhibiting at the Automotive Testing Expo – October 26-28 in Novi, Michigan
REL, Inc. manufactures high intensity visible spectrum LED lighting solutions. Non-Flickering Lighting intensity is of paramount importance for high speed imaging in the automotive testing industry. Ultra high spectral intensity from LED lights is a REL specialty. We deliver a product in a compact and robust chassis to allow for seamless integration in all imaging […]

Press Release - August 27, 2021
REL Exhibiting at FABTECH 2021 – September 13-16
REL, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of LED lighting products for the Universe’s most demanding applications. LED UV-A lighting solutions by REL are just plain tough. REL products survive 1000 g drops, ballistic impacts, and liquid submersion to work daily in the wettest, dirtiest, hottest, and toughest environments on planet Earth and beyond. Challenge: Bring […]

Press Release - August 11, 2021
FLC-1600 LED Lighting: 240,000 Lumens to 100 Feet
REL has developed the flicker free FLC-1600 adjustable focal length lighting system.  This system is configured with 240,000 lumens at 10 million candela, and allows the user to capture energetic events up to 100 feet away at millions of frames per second.   The FLC-1600 is for those who need to really reach out and light […]

Press Release - August 6, 2021
REL Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System – Model I2C
REL is recognized in the market as the premium standard in Automated NDT equipment. A Human Powered Automated Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) line was developed for the Warfighter under a USAF contract and is now available commercially to the NDT industry. The size of the FPI Model I2C systems available range in tank sizes from […]

Press Release - July 22, 2021
REL’s LED UV-A Lamp Refurbishment Program
All of REL’s Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Lamps include a market leading 2-Year Warranty.  In the event that your lamp needs some attention after this warranty period, you may want to consider a complete overhaul and upgrade utilizing REL’s Lamp Refurbishment Program. REL’s Refurbishment/Rebuild Program is specifically offered for Out-of-Warranty lamps.  The Refurbishment includes a […]

Press Release - July 12, 2021
REL’s LED UV-A Lamp Spray Can Fixture – Ever Wish You Had Three Hands?
Most people aren’t born with three functional hands in the NDT business doing on-site work! That is exactly what is needed when down in the ditch performing mag particle on pipe work. Try holding a spray can, a yolk, and an UV-A lamp coincidentally by yourself. What if the spray can and lamp were coupled? […]

Press Release - June 29, 2021
REL’s Bar End Conditioner
REL’s Bar End Conditioner: Like a Fresh Set of Bars for Every Test REL’s Bar End Conditioner allows every user the option to regrind their Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) System’s bar ends as often as needed without ever removing them from the system. In many cases this eliminates the need for bar insert protectors […]

Press Release - June 14, 2021
REL’s Engineered Solution: Automatic Rinsing Machine
TASK DEFINITION:  Design and Manufacture an Automatic Rinsing Machine (ARM) to remove lipstick, oils, and other surface contaminants on large, highly complex titanium cast parts with numerous passages to collect and trap fluid. The REL Engineering Team solution: Ergonomic part loading via a door mounted lift racking system allowed REL to maximize operator safety. REL Industry 4.0 […]

Press Release - May 25, 2021
REL Versatile Dynamic Testing Platform
The correct tool for the job. Having the right size tool is invaluable for most jobs. One does not pound in a tack with a sledgehammer, it is the same with dynamic testing.  Tailoring the desired energy for a given test can be done easily with the multiple options available from REL’s Bar Accelerator line […]

Press Release - May 11, 2021
REL Building Expansion Triples Manufacturing Space
When manufacturing in Michigan was leaving in droves, small businesses kept their lights on by continuing to solve problems for their customers and getting technologies ready for the inevitable reshoring shift. REL, Inc. is living proof that high tech manufacturing never really left and there is a lot of room for growth. This growth is […]

Press Release - April 30, 2021
REL exhibiting at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference – May 11-13 in Bismarck, ND
REL, Inc. is exhibiting at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference May 11-13, 2021 in Bismarck, North Dakota at the Bismarck Event Center. REL is an Original Equipment Manufacturer located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. REL has expertise in automation controls, electrical/mechanical system integration, and advanced manufacturing.  REL uses this expertise to supply controlled product solutions to […]

Press Release - April 26, 2021
REL LED UV-A Lamp Refurbishment
Every once in a while, the REL LED UV-A lamp, like the human body, could use some ‘new guts’ to recover lost efficiencies. In the case of the lamp, unlike the body, it is painless to the user, which is great news! REL has eliminated the waiting room with the best lamp service in the […]

Press Release - March 24, 2021
REL’s LED UV-A Lamp Technology
REL utilizes Additive Manufacturing Technology to provide a next generation lens holder solution in LED UV-A Glo-Black products. RELentless Innovation in integrating the most durable product solution for REL customers drove the need to develop a next generation lens solution for REL UV-A lamps. This solution has now been through durability testing on REL products, […]

Press Release - March 18, 2021
Every Dynamic Event is measured with REL’s SURE-Speed
REL’s SURE-Speed – Faster than a speeding ‘bullet’! The average blink of an eye takes 100 milliseconds. A bullet at 1000 feet per second will travel 100 feet in ‘the blink of an eye’. Clearly the eye is not a very precise instrument to trigger dynamic events. REL created the SURE-Speed sensor for accurate triggering […]

Press Release - March 3, 2021
REL’s LED UV-A Inspection Lamps
Are you looking for a LED UV-A inspection lamp that can be driven over by a 16,500 lb. forklift and still perform for you?   REL’s Glo-Black LED UV-A Inspection Lamps performance, rugged durability, extreme toughness, and proprietary technology can be described with one word, TOUGH. REL’s inspection lamps use the most recent in safe […]

Press Release - February 8, 2021
Dynamic Testing starts with REL’s Bar Accelerator
REL continues to develop new testing modules for more consistent dynamic test results. REL’s automated bar accelerator offers shot-to-shot consistency with an integrated SURE-Speed sensor. These accelerators can precisely accelerate strikers for tension and compression SHPB testing, and impact testing.  REL sizes the bar accelerators to handle strikers from 1/8” diameter to 3″ diameter. Read […]

Press Release - January 29, 2021
REL Powers High Intensity LED Lighting for Dynamic Testing
The Profusion X Gen 2 light module is the core of REL’s high intensity LED lighting solutions. This unit packs an extraordinary amount of power and versatility into a compact, durable housing that can withstand the abuse of any dynamic test lab. The machined aluminum housing is sealed and rated for submersion and vacuum environments […]

Press Release - January 15, 2021
Coho Capture
REL, Inc.’s New Paperless Process Control and Quality Management System for Manual Chemical Processing REL’s new Coho Capture software can be integrated into any current manual and semi-automated chemical processing system.  REL’s PC based software can define and store treatment recipes that assist the operator in process treatments without the need for individual timers and […]

Press Release - December 9, 2020
REL Star Testing Panel
            REL Star Testing Panel – Twin                                                                                          […]

Press Release - December 4, 2020
Dr. Loukus presenting “Long Duration Impact Loading Utilizing Serpentine Bar Technology” on 12/14
REL’s President Josh Loukus Ph.D. to speak at the virtual workshop “Mechanical Characterization of Materials and Structures subjected to Impact and Shock Loading” to be held December 14 & 15, 2020 (Abu Dhabi UTC 09.00am-1.00pm) Dr. Loukus will be presenting “Long Duration Impact Loading Utilizing Serpentine Bar Technology” on December 14, 2020 at 7:20am EST. […]

Press Release - November 20, 2020
REL delivers Clean Etch System
REL designed, manufactured, and delivered a high aspect ratio Clean Etch System. The system is sized for 21’ long parts for an aerospace part manufacturer. REL is recognized as an industry leader in the process automation of titanium, and aluminum cleaning and etching by major component manufacturers. REL’s president, Josh Loukus, said, ‘REL is recognized by industry […]

Press Release - November 11, 2020
Newco, Inc. is REL’s Glo-Black Distributor of the Year
REL  is proud to name Newco, Inc. as the REL Glo-Black Distributor of the Year for 2020! Newco has been a distributor of REL Glo-Black products for the last 4 years.  REL is sending, instead of presenting, Newco the Annual coveted Black Anodized Magnum Lamp serial number DOTY 2020. This serialized Certified Trophy is a […]

Press Release - November 2, 2020
REL exhibiting at the Virtual ASNT 2020 Annual Conference
REL, Inc. is an Original Equipment Manufacturer located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. REL has inherent knowledge of system integration, material deformation, energy absorption, and machining. This understanding allows REL to design, develop, and manufacture the most severely tested, inspection products on the market. REL’s product line consists of the most space efficient Manual FPI systems […]

Press Release - October 21, 2020
REL Introduces the PS4 Power Supply for Profusion X Lights
REL has developed a 17kW capacitive ‘Battery’ to supply 4 Profusion X LED light fixtures simultaneously with ZERO flicker! This advancement in REL LED Lighting products allows for the use of this flood lighting solution utilizing a standard 120 volt outlet. In fact once the indicator on the power supply is at 57 volts you […]

Press Release - October 12, 2020
Coho Process Control
What is Coho Control? Coho Control is a real-time training and tracking control software. Coho Control is specifically designed for FPI, and surface treatments like cleaning, plating, and etching. Integral machine learning and process learning to increase efficiencies in traditional training intensive aforementioned processing is the backbone of Coho Control. Definition of Automation? ‘Things are […]

Press Release - October 7, 2020
Bolt on Power
REL is recognized in the marketplace as being one of the most innovative OEM companies in the UV-A Lamp Space. REL, Inc. is introducing a cord that installs with a wrench so it can withstand 500 lbs. of pull strength! Not only is a bolted connection the most robust way to attach two components, it […]

Press Release - September 4, 2020
“It Takes a Community”
REL, Inc.  is a world class manufacturer of OEM equipment for the Aerospace, Automotive, Oil, and Material Testing Industries. The support REL receives from the local business community in our area allows for custom engineered automation products to be realized from Ideation to Integration into our customer’s facilities worldwide!         […]

Press Release - December 6, 2019
REL Exhibits at ASNT 2019 in Las Vegas
REL recently exhibited at the annual ASNT conference in Las Vegas. Our commercial FPI MLF 250 system was on display to show customers how space efficient and modular this system really is. We also debuted our new Retractable Reel. For more information on our FPI MLF 250 System or any of our lighting products, contact […]

Press Release - August 22, 2019
REL – 1 Gravity – 0 REL’s gate design combats gravity with Servo controlled gate motion
REL has designed and manufactured a solution to increase operator safety at a drywall manufacturing facility. REL designed the new gate solution to eliminate issues that arise due to the gravitation field we are subjected to here on earth. The previous design could swing down uncontrollably in the event of a component failure due to […]

Press Release - August 8, 2019
REL SURE-Test system with every ‘Bell and Whistle’
A university in the state of Delaware now is the proud owner of a SURE-Test system with all of the bells and whistles. REL SURE-Test systems are THE modular systems in the SHPB marketplace with integrated safety and control. This particular system includes testing modules for tension, compression, torsion material testing at varying strain rates. […]

Press Release - July 22, 2019
REL launches a 5-Station Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Model MLF 250 System to commercial customer
REL has expanded the modular design of the FPI units we are providing to the Navy to encompass the everchanging needs of the Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection commercial market. This modular design driven by the need for a new legacy SPI system to ensure the safety of our Warfighters is now available to all the Fluorescent […]

Press Release - February 12, 2019
REL’s Liquid Magnum and Liquid Nomad Inspection Lamps – February 12, 2019
REL, Inc. has added ergonomic elegance to the Glo-Black family of engineered inspection lamps with the addition of the Liquid Nomad and Liquid Magnum. These two lamps were developed to address Operator Safety and rigorous precision demanded during the inspection of complex part geometries encountered in FPI and MPI inspections. Operator fatigue with the risk […]

Press Release - November 27, 2018
REL’s SURE-Torque Module
REL has enhanced the abilities of the SURE-Test Systems Platform. A new module, SURE-Torque, is a torsion module that has been developed to obtain shear properties of materials at high strain rates.High strain rate shear properties are important for engineers designing products subject to high energy events. Many engineers estimate shear properties from tension and […]

Press Release - October 10, 2018
REL’s SHPB System New Bar End Conditioner Module
In the case of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) testing, violent impacts are common. Oftentimes a material experiences deformation and loading and failure in a total in 50 micro-seconds (0.000050 seconds). This sudden exceeding of a materials strength is a result of an impact generated through an impact of a striker bar traveling at up […]

Press Release - September 6, 2018
Profusion XW
REL has finished performance testing and has begun distributing the Profusion XW light. This X-tra Wide UV-A beam was designed for high power applications where package size matters. This fan cooled package is IP-68 rated. The engineered fin housing allows for maximum heat transfer in the harshest environments. Got one? Need more? No problem. Daisy […]

Press Release - June 6, 2018
REL’s Part Cleaning Equipment
Part Cleaning for Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Many newly fabricated components and refurbishment of components require a process capable of prepping a part’s surfaces for inspection (i.e. FPI), repair and/or subsequent coatings. This cleaning and/or surface treatment is vital for each of the subsequent processes these components must go through.REL’s automated iFPI equipment is often accompanied […]

Press Release - February 27, 2018
Expanding Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (Kolsky Bar) System Capabilities to Perform Impact Testing
REL’s latest system demonstrates that converting our Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (Kolsky Bar) to an Impact Tester is a seamless transition. In fact, many of the pieces required for impact or drop testing are already in place.The below videos are of the same event from both sides. One with an iPhone in slow motion mode […]

Press Release - December 18, 2017
New SURE-Pulse Software Release
High Strain Rate Testing Software REL is excited to release another free new version of its high strain rate testing software SURE-Pulse to the high strain rate testing community.We encourage you to download and install the latest version found at Features included in this release include Improved in SURE-Pulse filtering Video output from Image […]

Press Release - December 12, 2017
REL’s SURE-Test Dynamic Hardness Test Module
Hardness Tests Verify Material Properties Hardness tests have been used for decades to verify material mechanical properties, validate a process, and give an indication of a material’s wear resistance.Dynamic loading rate response of materials has been a focus of researchers for many years but recent events demand dynamic accurate material properties. “A common problem that […]

Press Release - November 1, 2017
REL, Inc. Awards R-CON NDT with Distributor of the Year Award – November 1, 2017
R-CON NDT, a leading supplier in the world of non-destructive testing (NDT), has been recognized by a REL as the recipient of the ‘Distributer of the Year Award’. “R-CON’s commitment to selling REL’s line of Glo-Black LED UV-A Lamps, was unsurpassed in 2017, so it is with great pleasure that REL presents R-CON NDT with […]

Press Release - October 25, 2017
REL attending ASNT in Nashville, TN
REL, Inc. is attending the ASNT Annual Conference October 30th – November 1st in Nashville, TN.REL, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of Intelligent Fluorescent Penetrant Testing Equipment. REL provides engineered turnkey processing solutions for the Non-Destructive inspection/testing industries. REL incorporates Safety, Preventive Maintenance, and Reliability considerations in all their products. REL designs all products and […]

Press Release - October 19, 2017
Profusion X – Profuse Levels of Brightness – AMERICAN. BRILLIANCE.
Statement made about REL’s Profusion X. “It’s brighter than a thousand suns.” **Disclaimer: Statement may be slightly emotionally driven and is not completely backed by thorough engineering data. REL’s new Profusion X modular lighting offers ‘sun-like’ brightness for a variety of applications.REL’s Profusion X Modules are an expandable lighting system designed for tailorable lighting. Multiple […]

Press Release - July 19, 2017
REL Designs, Builds, and Ships Mini-SHPB – July 19, 2017
Built on the same expandable, modular platform all GEN-3 SURE-Test SHPB systems sit, REL designed and manufactured a miniature compression Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar system. This mini-system is currently setup with 1/8” (3mm) diameter x 32” (812mm) long bars with a momentum trap, but it can be scaled up or down very easily. The architecture […]

Press Release - June 12, 2017
REL is launching a New Lighting Product at SEM 2017 – June 12, 2017
REL continues to refine and develop dynamic testing modules around the SURE-TEST Systems Brand with the launch of a new high intensity light. This lighting module builds off the success of REL’s SURE-Bright family of focused high intensity LED lights. This product is ‘aimed’ at illuminating dynamic events from multiple directions effectively improving high speed […]

Press Release - April 17, 2017
REL’s Latest LED UV-A Lineup Set for the MRO show – April 17, 2017
Much like an auto show where each car companies’ latest vehicles are displayed with their latest technology, REL is lining up their highly-engineered LED lighting products for the world to see at the MRO Americas show on April 25-27.The complete line of products offered by REL in 2017 offers the highest performance and durability of […]

Press Release - February 23, 2017
REL’s dynamic material testing laboratory (SURE-Test Systems) displaying High Intensity Lighting Capabilities at TMS 2017 Show in San Diego.
REL performs dynamic material testing for material developers and dynamic system engineers. REL also designs and manufactures a highly engineered test platform with a wide range of capabilities: conventional SHPB, dynamic drop tests, quasi-static and cyclical tests, dynamic burst test, acceleration testing, etc. Some more tests/capabilities are listed below: For all the above material tests […]

Press Release - January 19, 2017
REL showcasing American Brilliance at NDTMA in Las Vegas
American. Brilliance.REL has been striving to succinctly describe the many impressive attributes of their American manufactured Glo-Black UV LED line of products. The lighting performance, rugged durability, extreme toughness, elegant design, and the inclusive cutting edge technology can be described with one word. Brilliance. The lights will be on display at the 50th Anniversary of […]

Press Release - December 21, 2016
Profusion – The Gift of Light
During the holiday season one cannot go far without seeing seasonal lights that illuminate the surroundings with a radiant glow. At REL we are doing our part to create the correct ambiance with a light the fills the darkness with an ultraviolet glow (UV-A to be exact). REL Profusion LED UV-A Black Lights are booth […]

Press Release - December 13, 2016
3 New Features showcased on REL’s SURE-Test Systems
REL’s two recent shipments of SURE-Test systems showcased new features to enhance the flexibility of their high strain rate material test platform.SURE-Flat Wire Management adds the flexibility to be running multiple tests using various modules at the same time. Connection points for air, power, and sensors are available along the length of the system without […]

Press Release - October 14, 2016
REL attending ASNT Show
REL, Inc. is attending the ASNT Annual Conference October 24th – 27th, in Long Beach, California. Visit REL in booth 132 and watch Josh, Jimmy, and Jordan demonstrate the features REL’s C4 Magnum UV LED UV Black Light. REL’s GLO-Black LED UV inspection lights utilize the latest in safe high output UV-A LED technology. Perform […]

Press Release - September 24, 2016
REL’s C4 Magnum GLO-Black LED UV Light lives up to its name
The toughest black lights in the industry, REL’s C4 Magnum GloBlack LED UV Lights, have undergone another round of vigorous testing. The question is constantly asked, “How tough is it?” The REL test engineers dialed it up a notch in this case. It was decided that a C4 Magnum GloBlack Light would be shot with […]

Press Release - September 14, 2016
REL Ships 3rd Generation SURE-Test System
REL’s Gen-3 system has taken what has been learned from the previous SURE-Test System platforms and has optimized the usability, the repeatability and the safety of the testing system. Gen-3 is designed for better structural performance. The overall mass and stiffness of the system has been increased with thick wall steel box section tubing and […]

Press Release - July 22, 2016
REL launches GLO-BLACK Magnum UV-A Black Light
REL launched their latest technology product to the NDT industry with the GLO-BLACK Magnum UV-A black light. Typical Black lights are designed for ‘clean environments’ where inspectors use these lights in Dark Rooms to illuminate indications on critical components in the automotive and aerospace industries. “There are times when every tool gets brought to an […]

Press Release - June 28, 2016
REL’s Lightweight Automotive Rotor
Weighing in at just 6 lbs, comes an aluminum MMC rotor developed by REL/Matrix Brakes. This new rotor is built upon the technology found in Matrix Brakes’ motorcycle rotor. Adapting manufacturing techniques developed for Matrix Brakes metal matrix composite motorcycle brake rotors, this automotive rotor has added cooling vents and a built in mounting hub. […]

Press Release - June 21, 2016
REL welcomes Chetwood Van Aken to the REL Team
REL, Inc. welcomes Chetwood Van Aken to the REL Team. Chetwood will be REL’s ‘Principal Application Engineer’. “Chetwood’s World Class Manufacturing expertise increases our value proposition and will allow us to manufacture more material handling equipment for our current and future partners in business. Chetwood has a lifetime of experience in manufacturing plants. Chet’s experience […]

Press Release - June 20, 2016
Practicalization of SHPB Systems presented at SEM 2016
The Practicalization of SHPB testing was developed over the years to build understanding of critical variables in the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) testing of materials. We all have said and heard statements like, ‘The strain gage needs to be mounted perfectly’, ‘The test was run at a strain rate of 1500’, ‘Make sure you […]

Press Release - June 2, 2016
REL to present and exhibit at SEM in Orlando, Florida – June 6-8.
REL will be presenting on the practicalities of high strain rate testing at the annual Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) International Congress June 6 – 8 in Orlando, Florida. There are several parameters that researchers performing SHPB testing are aware of to eliminate error and variance in their testing. REL has taken this list of […]

Press Release - May 24, 2016
SURE-PulseTM 1.10.3 is available for download
1.10.3 includes a host of new features including: In Data Processor, the user now has the ability to manually define which pulses are selected in the bar calibrator In Data Processor, a Lagrangian Strain datatype was added In Viewer, two and three wave stress calculations are able to be analyzed In Viewer, separate global filters […]

Press Release - April 13, 2016
REL, Inc. is exhibiting at the Cast Expo in Minneapolis on April 16-19, 2016.
REL, Inc. specializes in product development for improving product yield and energy efficiency for casting companies. These savings are captured with the use of our insulative mold coating, TRABO™. REL developed TRABO™ insulative coating based on the same technology we used in developing the space shuttle patch kit for NASA’s Return to Flight. This spray-applicated […]

Press Release - April 5, 2016
REL’s GLO-BLACK UV Light introduced at MRO in Dallas
REL, Inc. is exhibiting our latest Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) technology at the MRO America show in Dallas, Texas on April 5-7, 2016. In addition to presenting our SMART iFPI systems, REL is introducing the GLO-BLACK UV LIGHT which utilizes the latest in high output LED ultraviolet (UV) technology. This black light has sleek, lightweight […]

Press Release - March 22, 2016
SURE-PulseTM 1.9.3 Available
SURE-PulseTM version 1.9.3 is now available for download. Version 1.9.3 includes force equilibrium graphing, performance enhancements, and more calculations including number of reflections and K & N values. Also included in SURE-PulseTM 1.9.3 is an integrated image processing tool. The image processing tool uses digital image correlation and target tracking on a series of images […]

Press Release - March 2, 2016
REL showcases Conformable CNG Storage Tanks at ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington DC
Visit us at Booth 351 at the ARPA-E Energy Summit in Washington DC February 29 – March 2. For more information about REL’s MatrixTanks, download our brochure or contact

Press Release - February 24, 2016
Casting Complexity in Conformable Tank
Michigan’s REL Inc. aims to improve natural gas storage with an innovative aluminum casting produced via a modified low pressure permanent mold process. (Click here to see the story as it appears in the February issue of Modern Casting.)

Press Release - February 17, 2016
SURE-Bright LED lighting system
Triggering your light source for the event you are capturing at 5 million frames per second is now a ‘piece of cake’ with the SURE-Bright LED lighting system mounted on a tripod from REL. Now you don’t have a chance to lose your camera data because your lighting system didn’t trigger. Just turn it on […]

Press Release - February 1, 2016
SURE-Pulse Software Goes Global
REL is excited to announce that its open source high strain rate testing software suite, SURE-Pulse, has officially been downloaded and is being used in five continents around the globe. SURE-Pulse was created with the hopes that it would become the standard method of calculating test analysis in high strain rate testing and to help […]

Press Release - January 29, 2016
FPI Ride Along Video
REL, Inc. builds custom, modular automation equipment for liquid penetrant / fluorescent penetrant inspection processes. Ride along with the video below as we showcase one of our FPI Lines with a 48” x 72” part carrier. Contact us today for all your FPI equipment needs!

Press Release - January 29, 2016
REL Launches Updated Matrix Brakes Website
REL has officially launched an updated version of the Matrix Brakes website. The new site allows for easier browsing and purchasing, product ratings and reviews, enhanced mobile compatibility, abandoned cart recovery, user accounts, and much more. One of the major feature additions is a “Build Your Rotor” function (pictured below) that allows users to see […]

Press Release - January 8, 2016
REL ships out automated FPI line to repeat customer
The most photographed piece of equipment in the history of REL left the premises this week. “Gone are the days where we don’t have enough ‘swag’ or pictures for our website,” said Josh, President of REL. This FPI line was run off in-house for our customer and extensively tested and photographed during the process. This […]

Press Release - December 11, 2015
REL Releases Open Source High Strain Rate Testing Software
REL is releasing its SURE-Pulse software suite under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (GPL-3.0). SURE-Pulse was originally written to be a high throughput testing software to handle REL’s in-house high strain rate testing with their Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar system. Due to its cross platform, non-proprietary and open source nature, REL hopes that […]

Press Release - December 4, 2015
SURE-Test: momentum transfer study
REL ideated and manufactured a high strain rate three point bend fixture for controlled rate testing. The deformation rates were performed up to 800 inches per second utilizing our in house SURE-TEST System in the momentum transfer configuration. We were able to produce the aforementioned deformation rates with no addition equipment other than the sample […]

Press Release - November 19, 2015
Throwback Thursday – “the Snatcher”
For Throwback Thursday, REL looks back to 1999 and the beginning of building material handling equipment. A company came to us with the problem of trying to remove pipes with a 32” diameter, 50’ long, half-full of sand, and weighing approximately five tons. They wanted to be able to resell the pipes as either a […]

Press Release - November 13, 2015
SSLF Model FPI system showcased at ASNT
REL showcased their new SSLF Model FPI system at the ASNT conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 26th. REL specializes in automating Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) systems. This non-destructive testing process was developed in the early 1900’s to find surface flaws in train wheels. Years ago the fluid was a light-weight oil and […]

Press Release - October 30, 2015
REL adds Low Pressure Casting Press
REL has just completed the installation of a new aluminum low pressure casting press. This will expand REL’s capabilities in advanced casting techniques. The casting cell will initially be used for the casting of REL developed high pressure internally structured natural gas tanks, and will also play a key role in the demonstration of our […]

Press Release - October 20, 2015
REL at ASNT Show
REL will be exhibiting at the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Show this year on October 26-28 in Salt Lake City, Utah. REL specializes in the design and manufacture of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) processing systems. REL’s turnkey robust systems can process parts over a large range of sizes by all FPI methods. REL […]

Press Release - October 16, 2015
Braking with Style – New Brake Rotor Technology
New Brake Rotor Technology that defines YOU when you Stop Matrix Brakes has continued developing their revolutionary lightweight metal matrix composite (MMC) brakes and soon will be delivering “Matrix Brakes Colors”. This development builds on the industry leading technology already present in Matrix Brakes. Conventional technologies boast ‘lightweight’, ‘long lasting’ or ‘warp resistant’; but the […]

Press Release - October 6, 2015
REL launches revolutionary mold insulative coating – TRABOTM Spray
TRABOTM Spray was inspired by REL’s development for NASA’s return to flight effort. REL is now deploying TRABOTM spray in many new and innovative applications. This insulative spray is extremely useful in casting light metal alloys. REL has used TRABOTM for in-house manufacturing for the past 3 years and it is now available to be […]

Press Release - September 28, 2015
REL/MTU/SWN CNG Tank Project Update
REL, Inc. and Michigan Technological University (MTU) were awarded a $2.1-million, three-year investment from Southwestern Energy Company (SWN) of Houston, Texas. The project resulting from REL’s research and subsequent development of the Matrix Tank in ARPA-E’s MOVE Program, charges an interdisciplinary team of REL engineers and Michigan Tech researchers with designing, fabricating and testing a […]

Press Release - September 18, 2015
REL presents at ARPE-E MOVE and NGVAmerica
REL presented at ARPA-E’s MOVE Program Review, an invitation-only conference, and the 2015 North American Natural Gas Vehicle Conference & Expo in Denver Colorado on September 14-17. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) invests in transformational ideas to create America’s future energy technologies. ARPA-E focuses exclusively on early-stage technologies that could […]

Press Release - September 11, 2015
8100 psi! REL Achieves Milestone
REL’s tank program has achieved a significant milestone. REL recently deployed casting technology developed from their field addition research to achieve 8100 psi burst pressure in the casting of larger-scale conformable natural gas storage tanks! Conventional casting techniques aren’t sufficient to produce the complex integrated structures shown in the tank pictured below. REL has developed […]

Press Release - September 3, 2015
REL upgrades lab with state of the art SHPB system
REL goes out with the old, in with the new. REL has installed a 50’ Split Hopkinson Presssure Bar (SHPB) SURE-TEST System for its in-house lab. With recent development in high-speed video technology and heating/cooling during testing REL has designed and built the latest SURE-Flat platform for SHPB testing. Diverse materials, ranging from soft foams […]

Press Release - August 27, 2015
Mold-less Casting Techniques
REL is working on mold-less casting techniques. This work involves the use of energy fields to melt and form the final shape of cast metals. There are several energy fields under consideration: Inductive, Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Electrical Current, and Microwave. Each field addition allows for unique material attributes after casting to enhance material properties.

Press Release - August 20, 2015
REL Inc. Ships out a 65’ SHPB system
SHPB systems are typically used in the High strain rate range of 500 s-1 to 10000 s-1. Our customer needed a bar design to achieve test data in the intermediate strain rate range from 50 s-1 to 100 s-1. With the unique design of the system, REL was able to manufacture a system to launch […]

Press Release - June 18, 2015
REL exhibits at the Annual SEM show
SEM 2015 Annual Conference and Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics Experimental Mechanics Spanning Multiple Scientific and Engineering Disciplines REL, Inc. attended the 2015 Annual SEM Conference and Exposition in Costa Mesa, California from June 8-10. The Expo opportunity allowed REL to showcase the most recent developments of REL’s SURE-Test Systems™ design and research. The […]

Press Release - April 23, 2015
REL Honored as Best-In-Class at the AFS Metal Casting Congress
Best-In-Class Conformable Compressed Natural Gas Tank REL Inc., Calumet, Michigan, and Eck Industries, Manitowoc, Wisconsin Material: 7075 aluminum. Process: Low pressure casting. Weight: 71.4 lbs. Dimensions: 11.25 x 11.25 x 20.25 in. (quarter-scale model). Application: Storage of compressed natural gas on automobiles and trucks. • This conformable tank can store 20-25% more compressed natural gas […]

Press Release - October 27, 2014
Small Michigan Firm Does Its Part to Reduce Trade Deficit
REL, Inc., is capitalizing on its vertical manufacturing capabilities and advanced materials expertise, by virtue of its enhancement of the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar and proprietary Sure-Pulse™ software technology, to become the leading global resource in high strain rate material testing. REL has refined the design and manufacture of the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bars and […]

Press Release - September 29, 2014
High Speed Camera for High Strain Rate Testing
REL, Inc. has expanded its capabilities in the high strain rate lab by a combining their Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) system with a Kirana Ultra High-Speed camera, capable of 5 million frames per second. The newest acquisition was purchased from Specialised Imaging, Inc. in Temecula, California: (website) and is one of four commercially owned […]

Press Release - May 2, 2014
REL, Inc Honored as Winner of 2014 “Innovation Award”
(Calumet, MI) – REL, Inc has been recognized as the winner of the 2014 “Innovation Award,” presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. REL, Inc will be honored at an awards ceremony during the tenth annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business event, May 6, 2014 in East Lansing. To be eligible for this award, a product or […]

Press Release - February 26, 2014
REL featured at ARPA-e Energy Innovation Summit in Washington DC
In February 2014, REL featured at ARPA-e Energy Innovation Summit in Washington DC. REL is developing a low-cost, conformable natural gas tank for light-duty vehicles that contains an internal structural cellular core. Traditional natural gas storage tanks are cylindrical and rigid. REL is exploring various materials that could be used to design a gas tank’s […]

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