Non-Destructive Testing

At REL, we design, manufacture, and install custom non-destructive testing equipment for fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection.

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Backed by decades of scientific knowledge, technical acumen, and practical expertise, we excel at identifying and solving the complicated engineering challenges involving part presentation and part movement in a well-designed, long-lasting, non-destructive testing line. From multiple complex part geometries moving at a rapid clip through an automated system according to recipe-driven processing, to understanding operator safety and health in industrial environments, we have REaL solutions for any individual or multi-facility manufacturing operation. 

REL Engineered Solutions Non-Destructive Testing Automated FPI

Automated Lines

REL automated fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) lines are precision engineered to solve your specific non-destructive testing challenges, maximizing accuracy, part volume and speed for your facility. 

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REL Engineered Solutions Non-Destructive Testing Human Drive Lines

Human-Driven Conveyance Lines

REL human-driven fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) lines are built on our reputation as the premium automated systems provider for the non-destructive testing industry.

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