SURE-Pulse Software Suite

The SURE-Pulse software suite consists of three programs, SURE-PulseTM Data Processor, SURE-PulseTM Viewer, and SURE-PulseTM Image Correlation. Data Processor is included in the build path of Viewer and Image Correlation to insure a consistent model across all programs but the programs can still be installed and ran independently if desired. All programs are written in Java using the JavaFX library for the GUI.

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SURE-Pulse Data Processor

The Data Processor program allows for the creation of bar setups and samples, importing of sample data, trimming of sample data. Current data processing features include low-pass filtering, automatic pulse selection, and saved test configurations.

SURE-Pulse Viewer

The Viewer includes useful data visualization for overlaying multiple sample result curves, and a tool visualize how video analysis corresponds with sample data.

SURE-Pulse Image Correlation

The Image Correlation program includes target tracking and a simple java interface to run digital image correlation with the C++ version of Ncorr.

SURE-Pulse Shot Caller is now available for Android and iOS

Shot Caller is a simple calculator that predicts the next shot on a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar.