Precision Machining is in our DNA.

REL is an OEM business and precision machining has been a core discipline of ours for generations.

World Class Products.

Why it matters

We handle high volume precision machining projects, to precise technical tolerances, with rigorous quality control, delivered yesterday.

REL’s long impeccable history of precision machining and high strain rate testing for advanced materials research gives us a unique edge in understanding of both the fundamental science in material removal mechanisms and the hands-on know how, developed from real time experience, to make the difficult oblivious when it comes to precision machining challenges. We’ve machined aerospace, military, mining, and automotive parts that are safety critical. We build parts to the ten thousandths of an inch to perform in environments that demand exacting tolerance for correct functionality. We understand why these tolerances are needed and how to achieve them. If something needs to be made ‘dead nuts’ out of an impossible to machine material, call us.

Certifications & Compliances