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Profusion – The Gift of Light

During the holiday season one cannot go far without seeing seasonal lights that illuminate the surroundings with a radiant glow. At REL we are doing our part to create the correct ambiance with a light the fills the darkness with an ultraviolet glow (UV-A to be exact). REL Profusion LED UV-A Black Lights are booth mounted lights which are certified to give proper background lighting in the FPI & MPI process and inspection areas. The booth mounted, modular Glo-Black Profusion is REL’s 3rd gift to the NDT inspection world that complements the previously launched handheld C4 Magnum and Nomad inspection lights. Contact us today to purchase your Glo-Black Profusion and for all your black light needs!

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REL Profusion Montage

REL Profusion dry
REL Profusion dripping

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