Profusion X – Profuse Levels of Brightness – AMERICAN. BRILLIANCE.

Statement made about REL’s Profusion X. “It’s brighter than a thousand suns.” **Disclaimer: Statement may be slightly emotionally driven and is not completely backed by thorough engineering data.
REL’s new Profusion X modular lighting offers ‘sun-like’ brightness for a variety of applications.REL’s Profusion X Modules are an expandable lighting system designed for tailorable lighting. Multiple modules can be ‘linked’ together to achieve a focused high intensity light configured for high speed imaging (up to 5 million frames per second) at a continuous duty cycle. The output is dimmable from 0-100% to accommodate any exposure, sample reflectivity or lens configurations. Profusion X Modules include input and output triggers, which can be used to connect to camera and testing systems to coordinate your testing event.
Also, if one is looking to light up the side of a building at night from 350 yards away, The tightly focused Profusion X with 4 degree beam angle (4-Beam) light is the answer.
The elegantly designed light modules are engineered with 7-high power LED emitters emanating light through high performance lenses. The lens mounting plate allows for focusing of the light at adjustable distances. Modules can be mounted on freestanding tripods or paired with any camera mounting system. The high intensity, continuous light source, combined with the inherent expandability and focusing, ensures quick setups and consistent image acquisition. The below images demonstrate the different focusing options available. These nighttime tests were run with single Profusion X modules with 3 different beam angles: 4 degree, 20 degree and 60 degree beam angles, respectively.
Intensity @ 4 feet 200k lux
Intensity @ 4 feet 65k lux
Intensity @ 4 feet 25k lux
  • Interchangeable lens holders to adjust focus from close range to long range
  • Various emitter options: White, UV, IR, Red, Green, Blue, or Mix wavelengths
  • Clip on filter plates available in clear protective, clear diffuser, color filtering, and polarized
  • Combine several modules (4.8 lbs.) together to form one larger array using integrated mounts
  • Arrayed modules communicate as one unit controlled via multi-mode button or remote.
  • AC or DC power options: 14-52V DC or 120/240V AC
  • 160-400 Watts per module
  • Milwaukee M18 battery option available
  • 15,000-46000 Lumens per module
  • 1.3M lux peak intensity at 18”
  • Water Proof – IP68 rated
  • 100% continuous duty at full output
REL is showcasing the Profusion X at the Automotive Test Expo in Novi on October 24-26. Visit us in booth 14044 at the Suburban Collection Showcase to see and experience the Profusion X.