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Invited Speaker Events

Josh Loukus, Ph.D. – Presented “Practicalization of Split Hopkinson Bar Testing”; SEM Annual Conference; Orlando, FL; June 2016

Brent Halonen – Presented “A comparison of feature tracking to 2D-DIC tracking for strain analysis of foams, with a discussion of application to low resolution imaging”; SEM Annual Conference; Costa Mesa, CA; June 2015

Josh Loukus , Ph.D. – Presented on the use of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar for high strain rate material response of nickel-based superalloys and titanium at elevated temperatures; University of Sheffield, UK; May 2013.

Josh Loukus, Ph.D. – Presented on the use of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar for high strain rate material response of glass at the Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute; Calcutta, India, 2013.

Adam Loukus, Ph.D. – Global Motorsports Congress, Cologne, Germany, Advanced Materials, October 2007

Adam Loukus, Ph.D. – TMS Conference San Antonio Texas, Current and Future Trends in Micro- and Nano- MMCs, April 2006


Erva, T., Loukus, A., and Luskin, L., “Development of Aluminum Composite Automotive Brake Rotors,” SAE Technical Paper 2016-01-1937, 2016, doi:10.4271/2016-01-1937.

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J.E. Loukus and G. Subhash, Experimental Modeling of High Speed Grinding, 2004

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A.R. Loukus, G. Subhash, M. Imaninejad, Optimization of Material Properties and Process Parameters for Tube Hydroforming of Aluminum Extrusions, J. of Eng. Mat. Tech. (2006)

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