REL delivers Clean Etch System

REL designed, manufactured, and delivered a high aspect ratio Clean Etch System. The system is sized for 21’ long parts for an aerospace part manufacturer. REL is recognized as an industry leader in the process automation of titanium, and aluminum cleaning and etching by major component manufacturers. REL’s president, Josh Loukus, said, 'REL is recognized by industry leading companies as automation process specialists in the areas of cleaning, etching, and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection. REL designs equipment with environmental considerations that are designed into the equipment instead of being afterthoughts. For example, Integrations of fume scrubbing and waste filtration are primary design packaging constraints. REL automation equipment also follows the Industry 4.0 ‘Data First’ process control approach. In layperson terms, ‘If it is measured it is recorded.’ Every probe (sensor) is recorded every second of every day the equipment is in ‘Run Mode’. This allows for real time access to the system data to visually see the actual machine state. Monitoring fluid, pHl, and conductivity levels in tanks is very important to processing. It is also very important to understand this data to understand the waste category that is produced by system effluents from the different tanks. Real time and time dependent trend information can be logged and monitored on the system to be able to report the chemical usage to plant EHS and potentially other regulatory agencies. Also, user defined time axis to display trends for differential pressures allows for MEASURED preventive maintenance schedules for air and liquid filters. As realized through past projects, generic timed intervals can be too short which is wasteful consumption, or too long which produce unplanned failures that can lead to accidental discharges and higher operating costs. REL equipment is integrating environmental, process, operation, and quality control to an ever-increasing market space. This is just REL being REL.'