REL Designs, Manufactures, and Delivers Automated Large Clean Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System

Designed. Engineered. Manufactured. Installed. Supported.

REL, Inc. designed, manufactured, and delivered a fully automated and plant integrated Clean Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) System. The system is sized for a 4’ X 4’ X 3’ part envelope. REL is recognized as an industry leader in the Clean/FPI processing automation of aerospace components.

REL is the premium brand in the world marketplace for automated line FPI processing. All systems are assembled at REL, and the factory acceptance tests (FAT) are performed with the customer witnessing the tests to ensure the equipment performs satisfactorily to our customer's specifications. With decades of NDT experience and a highly trained team, we’re able to install quickly and effectively to minimize your downtime upon installation of a REL system.

The only thing better than purchasing a REL Automated Non-Destructive Testing System is the service and support that comes with it after the installation.

Features & Benefits:

  • High throughput random loading of parts

  • Web-based UI for maximum process visibility and safety

  • State-based recovery from industrial grade on-site server

  • Designed specially to integrate with Allen Bradley PLC’s

  • Real-time Automated Tank Filling

  • Dynamic Recipe Control

For more information on Automated FPI Equipment designed and manufactured by REL, call us at 906-337-3018.