REL's Engineered Solution: Automatic Rinsing Machine

TASK DEFINITION:  Design and Manufacture an Automatic Rinsing Machine (ARM) to remove lipstick, oils, and other surface contaminants on large, highly complex titanium cast parts with numerous passages to collect and trap fluid. The REL Engineering Team solution:

  1. Ergonomic part loading via a door mounted lift racking system allowed REL to maximize operator safety. REL Industry 4.0 System Controls with integral touch screen and stack light are included for operation and process control.
  2. Part tracking spraying via powerful spray jets move into position automatically upon door actuation to ensure that the cleaning chemistry is applied to the surface of the parts NOT the other side of the cabinet!
  3. Processing with in-situ part manipulation. Parts are rotated during processing to eliminate liquid pooling in and on the part, thus eliminating part surface stains!

REL has grown accustomed to engineering solutions like this to meet the ever growing needs of the cleaning machine market. What type of Custom Clean Machine Solution can REL build for you?