REL Exhibiting at the PNAA Advance Conference – February 7-9

REL is exhibiting at the PNAA Advance Conference, February 7th – 9th.  Stop by and visit us in Booth #26 at the Lynnwood Convention Center in Seattle, WA.

REL Control Systems are the ultimate solutions for intelligent, flexible, reliable, and reportable manufacturing control.
Process and Quality Control and Streamlined Paperless Compliance Reporting are now possible for Manual Chemical Processing Lines.  REL's LOCKTIME is an integrated process control and quality management system designed specifically for manually operated chemical processing lines. This combined hardware and software solution allows for total visibility on process control, part quality, and predictive maintenance, while streamlining compliance reporting. LOCKTIME has been designed to seamlessly integrate with and your existing hardware and software control systems, and it can be quickly installed by your onsite staff. 

REL has created the most robust UV-A lamps available to the world NDT market.
We originally developed our LED UV-A inspection lamps as an enhancement to our non-destructive testing equipment. We couldn’t find another lamp that was up to the demanding use case of ‘REL normal operating conditions.’ These conditions are modeled after reality where products get dropped, kicked, and run over on a shop floor. The lamp product MUST work during and after these sudden and realistic events,  and  we guarantee they will. When you buy our product, we warranty ANY damage you think should be covered, PERIOD. The result is a bulletproof, versatile, easy-to-use lamp that is sensitive enough for the clean room, and strong enough to withstand continuous use in the harshest of industrial environments. 

REL inspection lamps are designed for all power and intensity prerequisites of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), and a plethora of leak detection applications as set forth in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, and medical industries. Each lamp utilizes safe, high yield, LED UV-A technology, and contains a high flux LED UV-A emitter with a built-in electrostatic discharge circuit.   These components are robustly coupled to a passively cooled IP67 machined military-grade aluminum housing, which allows the lamp to perform to specification and your expectations!