REL Introduces the PS4 Power Supply for Profusion X Lights

REL has developed a 17kW capacitive 'Battery' to supply 4 Profusion X LED light fixtures simultaneously with ZERO flicker! This advancement in REL LED Lighting products allows for the use of this flood lighting solution utilizing a standard 120 volt outlet. In fact once the indicator on the power supply is at 57 volts you can unplug it! The PS4 Power Supply draws 5 amps of 120 volt power to charge the capacitor bank. You can run this light and your Ultra High speed camera on the same electrical circuit! The rapid discharge 130 Farad Capacitor can power the 4 REL Profusion X’s for 1 whole second at 17kW! If you need to see events at 10 Million frames per second this is the ‘battery’ for you. This is REL being REL.