New Lighting Product Launch at SEM 2017 | REL Inc.

REL is launching a New Lighting Product at SEM 2017 – June 12, 2017

REL continues to refine and develop dynamic testing modules around the SURE-TEST Systems Brand with the launch of a new high intensity light. This lighting module builds off the success of REL’s SURE-Bright family of focused high intensity LED lights. This product is ‘aimed’ at illuminating dynamic events from multiple directions effectively improving high speed imaging and improving 3D DIC on impacted structures and test specimens.Features:

  1. The light integrates 7 of the latest technology ultra-high intensity LED emitters with interchangeable lens options for both long range and close up focus applications.
  2. The integrated control and drivers will have the ability to be powered by a wide range of AC or DC power sources including cordless Milwaukee 18V power tool batteries for isolated power or remote applications.
  3. Each light module is designed to be used as a single unit or in an array to suit a variety of configurations. For example, focused arrays can be easily constructed by clipping several modules together to fit 3D DIC camera setups.
  4. Regardless of configuration, the module or array can be controlled via an onboard push button interface or from a tethered remote control from long distances.
REL SURE-Bright Handheld
REL SURE-Bright Handheld
REL SURE-Bright Handheld
REL SURE-Bright Handheld

This housing of this new light is constructed out of high strength aluminum that is designed to provide rugged durability and passively manage the thermal load generated by the high intensity LED emitters. This heat-sink designed housing completely encloses and protects the internal components from the outside elements. Harsh, dynamic testing conditions will be handled with ease with this elegantly designed light.To learn more about our lights, visit us at SEM 2017 in Indianapolis in booth 106 or view on our website at

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