REL launches a 5-Station Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Model MLF 250 System to commercial customer

REL has expanded the modular design of the FPI units we are providing to the Navy to encompass the everchanging needs of the Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection commercial market. This modular design driven by the need for a new legacy SPI system to ensure the safety of our Warfighters is now available to all the Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection industry. The manually operated Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection equipment has many key features for your plant. This equipment:
  1. was tested to MIL-STD-810G crash standards (This means that it is FORKLIFT safe!)
  2. can be set up in under 4 HOURS!
  3. Ergonomic considerations make this equipment the safety standard in Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection.
  4. is space efficient.
  5. can be expanded to handle multiple types and application methods for penetrant application.
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