REL launches GLO-BLACK Magnum UV-A Black Light

REL launched their latest technology product to the NDT industry with the GLO-BLACK Magnum UV-A black light. Typical Black lights are designed for ‘clean environments’ where inspectors use these lights in Dark Rooms to illuminate indications on critical components in the automotive and aerospace industries. "There are times when every tool gets brought to an environment that it wasn’t designed for: Screwdrivers used for pry bars and punches, vise grips used as adjustable wrenches, and pipe wrenches for hammers. Like the aforementioned tools, the REL GLO-Black Magnum was designed to perform in adverse situations in real industrial environments. This light has been submerged, dropped, scorched, frozen, kicked and beaten. The GLO-Black Magnum performed flawlessly in these tests and still maintained its aura, or ‘GLO'. “ says Josh Loukus, REL’s President. The final test is shown in the video below in which the light was driven over with a fork lift! REL is not sure why one would drive over a beautiful piece of hardware like the GLO-Black Magnum but REL's test engineers thought that it was important to perform this compression test as well.. under the tire of an 8000 lb forklift! Learn More