REL LED UV-A Lamp Refurbishment

Every once in a while, the REL LED UV-A lamp, like the human body, could use some 'new guts' to recover lost efficiencies. In the case of the lamp, unlike the body, it is painless to the user, which is great news! REL has eliminated the waiting room with the best lamp service in the world! Rejuvenate your lamp for about half the cost of a new one. REL’s lamp refurbishment process starts with a thorough cleaning of the lamp inside and out. A complete lamp rebuild of the internal components ensues while still utilizing the existing serialized housing and handle. This eliminates the need to revise any procedural paperwork associated with the serialized lamp. After the cleaning and rebuilding process, the lamp undergoes REL’s certification process, where it is tested to comply with industry standards. A detailed Certificate of Conformance unique to each lamp is generated and the lamp is returned to the user. This whole process has a typical turn-around time of less than a week after the lamp is received at our facility. New guts and paperwork, for your glory!