REL Powers High Intensity LED Lighting for Dynamic Testing

The Profusion X Gen 2 light module is the core of REL’s high intensity LED lighting solutions. This unit packs an extraordinary amount of power and versatility into a compact, durable housing that can withstand the abuse of any dynamic test lab. The machined aluminum housing is sealed and rated for submersion and vacuum environments while the generous mounting options ensure the modules can be positioned, mounted, and arrayed without hassle. The Profusion X Gen 2 light head (HEX-700W) is compatible with several different power supply options to match the a variety of lab requirements. Options start with a 600W continuous duty, single module power supply and expand up to a 17kW capacitive burst supply that can drive quad clusters to 4X the continuous rating. These power modules can be controlled manually or with external triggers and are scalable to any size array. For more information on REL's Profusion X LED lighting and power supplies, see or give us a call at 906-337-3018.